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I am not married to my ex who is the father of my baby. If the tenant has been there for only 5 months I have to ask if she is on a lease or on a month to month tenancy? Truly, it is best if you retain a lawyer to go over all of the facts and formulate a plan.

Its there way or the highway of ignorance. My friend feels that he has no rights and she can Gay couple can t re t the urge and hit what she wants. The question is, though, how much notice am I required to give if I want someone to move out. One roommate doesn't want boys to be in the house and so reported me to the landlord as having a male guest that has "moved in" in an attempt to break her lease.

Its very obvious.

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On a side note, my son wanted his room to be in the basement and I agreed seeing as there's myself and 3 teenage boys but only 3 small bedrooms. This charge is included if I was to add her as an occupant as well. I hope you could help me understand what I as a tenant needs to know about renting an apartment as I am quite new to the process.

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Eventually I got him to agree to regular contact and a schedule to keep consistent. What can she do???? He has filed a "reasonable enjoyment" form with the board, and I have not yet seen the reason why. If the Board finds that the RTA does not apply it will not make any orders as it will lack jurisdiction.

This is a protected right and the superintendent's statement is entirely wrong. I would need a lot more information about you and your family before I could properly assess the current risk to you and daughter and advise you as to an appropriate course of action.

Gay couple can t re t the urge and hit

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