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In reality, Pennsylvania's prophetic rodent doesn't see much of anything. Phil is reputed by townspeople to be more than years old, surviving beyond a marmot's normal life span thanks to the strong constitution of his wife, Phyllis, and a steady diet of Groundhog Punch.

If you happen to be celebrating a birthday on February 2, then you are invited to join others who share the special day for Phil's Birthday Celebration and a free souvenir. Growing legions of fans started making the trek to Punxsutawney every February 2, and with the release of the movie "Groundhog Day," starring Bill Murray, Punxsutawney Gay Guys crowds Punxsutawney Gay Guys to number in the tens of thousands.

Phil's yearly Groundhog Day predictions are actually even entered into the Congressional Record! The town was first settled by the Delaware Indians in and its name comes from the Indian name for the location "ponksad-uteney" which means the "town of the sandflies.

Columbia Pictures Punxsutawney Gay Guys to film the movie in a location more Punxsutawney Gay Guys to a major metropolitan center.

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Temple University Beury Hall One of the best places in town Punxsutawney Gay Guys have fun and forget about your problems is Temple University Beury Hall Punxsutawney Gay Guys, you can drink, make friends and dance till down whilst possessing the very Punxsutawney Gay Guys time of your life.

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Share Pin Email. Or, arrive a day or two earlier for a weekend of action-packed events including a chili cook-off, ice carving exhibitions, trivia contests, the Prognosticators Ball, weddings, sleigh Punxsutawney Gay Guys, woodchuck whittling, a scavenger hunt music, and food.

Tell us why! Punxsutawney is located in Western Pennsylvania, about 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. The actual Gobbler's Knob is a wooded hill with a beautiful view; the Gobbler's Knob in the movie is moved to the town square though it is recreated to scale based on detailed notes and videos Punxsutawney Gay Guys crew made on a visit to Punxsutawney.

If you happen to be celebrating a birthday on Punxsutawney Gay Guys 2, then you are invited to join others who share the special day for Phil's Birthday Celebration and a free souvenir. When German settlers came to Pennsylvania they continued this tradition, using groundhogs instead of hedgehogs to predict the weather.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. He is taken to Gobbler's Knob and placed in a heated burrow underneath a simulated tree stump on stage before being pulled out at am on Groundhog Day, February 2, to make his prediction. There are no records for the remaining years, though the group has never failed to issue a forecast.

Punxsutawney Gay Guys

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